Telstar by Firan

We have a 1993 29' class C Telstar and all was well
until a few months ago when it starting stalling out after about 100 miles or 1/2 tank of gas. We replaced the fuel filter and drove on for another 100 miles, etc, etc, etc... the tank has been drained, and nothing found.. does anyone have any suggestions as to what is causing this problem? We are baffled.

Gary B

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Telstar by Firan

Hi Sissy, what is it a Ford or Chevy or Dodge? If its a Ford its probaly the in tank fuel pump. More information is needed. Good luck GB
Telstar by Firan

It is a Ford, and I thank you for your suggestion... we thought it might be the fuel pump but a "friend" said No... thanks again and I will let you know if that solves the problem....

C Nash

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Telstar by Firan

Hi Sissy,
You might also want to check the venting system on the fuel tank. If it is not working properly it could create a vacuum in the tank. Ford did have a lot of problems with there in tank pumps. Check the pressure and flow voluum on the pump.

Chelse L. Nash
Re: Telstar by Firan

I would check the suction line in tank mite have a hole about half way up once gas drops below it no more fuel is being pull from tank :)