Tent Trailer Roof Repair...help


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Hello All:

I purchased a 1995 Dutchmen tent trailer. It is in great condition, except that there was some water damage in the post joints attached to the roof. I accidently hooked the guide cable up and pulled out virtually all the posts from the roof. I expect I can re-fiberglass this? Any suggestion....I have a young family eager to get out in it and can't afford a new roof. Any websites or suggestions on where to look. Also where can I get a Dutchmen graphic illustrating the parts on the roof? Any help is appreciated. :disapprove:


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Tent Trailer Roof Repair...help


Pasted below is a website where you can order a manual: http://www.dutchmenmfg.com/

Pasted below is an email address where you can order parts and get questions answered:

Dutchmen Warranty
Parts and Customer Service (including owner's manual ordering)

Tel: (574) 537-0700

Email address: parts@dutchmenmfg.com