Tent trailers, bikes & mopeds

[Joan] We&#039ve had a Jayco tent trailer for several years and decided to purchase a bike rike. Unfortunately what we bought was a "Hollywood" bike rack which doesn&#039t work very well. We really don&#039t want to attach a bike rack to the top of the trailer. Anyone have any suggestions on what type of rack is the best? Also, we now have moped fever and would like to buy a couple. Has anyone ever towed mopeds with a tent trailer?
Tent trailers, bikes & mopeds

[Tom] I dont know how hefty the frame of your trailer is, but it might be possible to add a class 2 or 3 reciever to the trailer for a moped or scooter carrier. I have a scooter that I carry on the rear of my 5th wheel on a carrier I bought from Camping World. Works good.