Teton Homes/ New Purchase

We are considering the purchase of a fifth wheeler for our family of four to travel around the US in. We have heard that Teton Homes is the best. Anybody have any other suggestions? We especially like the two bedrooms offered in some of their models. Is Teton Homes worth the price?
Teton Homes/ New Purchase

The price is relative and depends if the unit meets all your needs which usually does not happen. If you get about 90% and can live with the other 10% your doing good. Is this your first unit or do you have prior experience in RVing? Your at the top of the line. Have you considered what your going to pull it with? It will probably require an MDT which will cost half again what the unit costs. They are a very heavy unit. Have you looked at many other units? Have you considered having a custom built unit? They are not necessarily more expensive and could weight a lot less. Are you considering full timing or just vacations? Take your time and research all you can especially if this is your first venture into RVing.
What ever your decision it will be a wonderful adventure. :)
Teton Homes/ New Purchase

Research, research, research! Lighthouse is absolutely correct. Talk to people, attend shows, read every RV forum on the internet, etc. You can never get enough info after formulating what your useage will be. Good luck :laugh:


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Teton Homes/ New Purchase

Tetons are built by Teton Homes in Casper, Wyoming. They began by building trailers for construction workers who had to stay in a trailer in very cold winters. They were the only company who would guarantee that no plumbing would freeze as long as the trailer was kept warm enough to live in. They were first to offer things like inclosed holding tanks and heated plumbing spaces. And they are designed to hold up with constant travel. But, they are also very expensive and they are very heavy, as most of the better quality RVs are. Today, Teton builds what is probably the largest and most expensive trailers.

Some others that also have a good reputation for quality, if not quite what Teton builds, are Travel Supream, Hitchhiker, and possibly a few others. But most of them are heavy. Weight is a key concern for safety. Studies show that more than 60% of the RVs on the road are running overweight. I have also read that at least one small study was done that showed that far more over weight RVs find themselves broken down along the road, but I don't recall exactly what the numbers were.

The key to this purchase, like any major one, is to do your home work. If you just ask on a public forum, don't be surprised if you find that you have made a terrible mistake once you buy. But if you take a lot of time, do a lot of study and then make your purchase, you should be able to find one that will fit your needs and be reasonably priced.