Texas class B dealers


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I am thinking about buying a new roadtrek from one of the roadtrek dealers in Texas. Does anyone have any experience (especially with maintenance or warranty problems) with either Traylor RV or Stahman RV? They are the only roadtrek dealers in the central Texas area. All dealers treat you like a customer should be treated before the sale, but after they get paid sometimes you get the old "It's not my problem, go see dometic or norcold or the airconditioner manufacturer." Would appreciate any honest comments from previous customers of these dealers. Also which sales person did you have and what were they like? Thanks.

Update... I tried to have it my way, like whataburger. Imagine spending 60+ thousand dollars, then having the audacity to want something changed from the factory floor plan. How dare me! (It's against the law., We can't do it., I'll get back to you on that., YAWHN.) Then I stumbled on the sportsmobile.com website. Not only can you have it your way, it's the only way you're going to get it. All their class b's are custom to your liking. You decide what goes in and where it goes. They sell direct to the public, no lying dealers, been in business in my hometown for 30+ years and I find out about it yesterday. What a secret. I'm not their salesman, just a happy customer. They build on all makes of chassis and have plans starting from the 45K range, I think. It was the best buying experience of my life, it was actually fun. Icky