Thank you from a cpl of newbees

We have talked about full timing - when the time was right. We have been quietly reading the posts for a while now. Last month our landlord informed us he was selling the house, I didn't worry, houses aren't selling right now. Tonight he informed us that the house is sold, we have thirty days to move. Therefore, we will be joining you all this month. We are having our garage sale next weekend; the kids are getting what they want this weekend. We will be buying our "new home" soon, looked at several, but want to look more.
The information we have learned reading all, and I do mean all, of these posts has been invaluable to us. There is no way I would be calm and excited trying to do this so quickly, without all of your help.
Thank you,
From your new neighbors,
Charles and Jacki


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well first of all welcome to the forums ,, and second ,, if i may ask ,, what are u gonna do in the mean time ,, till u find the right rv ??? i have not yet experienced the full time life ,, but that is well in the plans ,, i hope all work out for u ,, and u have a ton of mememories to look back on ,, if i had the means right now ,, i would also be on the road ,, but someone has to fix these things for all the fulltimers out there :eek: :laugh: :laugh: :approve: :approve:
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Well it isn't the best of circumstances to have to go into fulltiming with but everything happens for a reason. You just got that little nudge you needed to get you out there. I wish I were able to go full timing also. But still got a kid in school and I still have to work to be able to pay for my MH. 8 years and I hope to be out there myself of course with dear hubby in the drivers seat. :) Good luck to you and I hope all your travels are wonderful and exciting. :)


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Charles and Jacki-
Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you are in for an adventure!
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Also, from one who isn't full time...welcome to the forum and enjoy the upcoming new adventure and lifestyle... :laugh: :) :)


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Welcome, sorry this is late, just can not get going as much as I want to

God Bless all the adventures you will have,

and try to watch out for 730 and Tex, JK

we really do love all these guys and ladies
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You know when 1 door closes another one opens, WELL I guess this is a push out the door. :) :laugh:

Darlin :cool:
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Darlin- you are so right.
Well we had our “moving sale” this weekend. I am so excited to get started on this new chapter in our lives, that selling everything really was not that hard. (I can get a little - ok a lot- semimetal about possessions. But not this time. We still have more left so another sale next weekend.
We still have not bought our new home but have it narrowed down to two, should get it this week.
Thanks for everything, see ya soon,