Thanks for your help-Have another problem!

Well thanks to your help I got it drained, blown and filled with the Pink stuff. Will not know till spring if I did it right. The new problem is when I poured the antifreeze into the toilet and tub later I noticed the outside dump valve leaking. It seems that the black tank is draining through the dump valve onto the ground. The valve works smoothly and seats all the way in. If I just leave it like that will I hurt something. I never noticed the leak because we have a direct connection to septic which is constantly hooked up. Also the monitor in the kitchen says Galley, Grey and Black, but I only have two dump valves?
Are there three tanks? If I leave the tank without antifreeze should I close the dump valve or leave it open and close the cap to keep critters out?
Re: Thanks for your help-Have another problem!

You can leave your gray and black water tanks empty. Sounds like the seals are gone on the dump valve. See if you can determine what kind they are. they have kits to repair them also antifreeze will leak out where water won't.
Re: Thanks for your help-Have another problem!

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