The 2001 Montana 36070 RL and other montana 5th wh

[Trent Arter] I am looking to buy a new fifth whell and went to Town and County rv center in clyde ohio. I originally was going to purchase a desiger legacy but now after looking through and comparing all the options I found that they montana had a few more things. plus my wife and i like the looks of the Montana better than the Jayco. Then i saw the prices and i couldn&#039t believe the difference. You would think that the Montana would be much more in price than the jayco with all the more options it had, but this wasn&#039t so. I have come to the conclussion that the extra 5-10k is basically for the jayco desiner name. Suprisingly the dealer who has been by far longer a jayco dealer since like 1980 and one of the largest in the state was being truthfull and told me that he would almost lean toward the montana even though he has a longtime bond with Jayco. He said that Montana is kinda a young company and have had some problems in the past with service b/c they were so small, but are finally starting to come into their own and becoming one of the top sellers of top notch 5th wheels. He said by far he has been selling more montana&#039s than jayco&#039s and it is kinda frustrating b/c he can&#039t get rid of his jayco models. This sounds pretty intregiung to me and i think i may have to go with the Monatana fifth wheel and take a chance on a rather new company. Give me your thoughts.......

The 2001 Montana 36070 RL and other montana 5th wh

[Mac] I don&#039t personally own one, but my brother does. He has a 30 ft. double slide. He has had it about 3 years and takes it to Arizona in the winter and stays for 4 months, and then back home where they do weekend camping. He has been extremely pleased with no major problems. I believe they are made by Keystone, an established company. The Montana brand I believe is relatively new within the last 4 years or so. Good luck in your selection and enjoy.
The 2001 Montana 36070 RL and other montana 5th wh

[Bob A.] If I were you I would check out the New Alfa "Sun" before you
buy the Montana. I think you&#039ll find a unit that is everything
you could want and more.
Alfa Leisure Inc. has been around since 1972 and their service
is very good. The "Sun" is a new product and is just now in
Sales Dept: 909-628-5574 ext.123 (valerie)
The 2001 Montana 36070 RL and other montana 5th wh

[SAM] Keystone would not be my choise. To many problems. They are doing well because of price not quality. Remember you pay for what you get. How long will you keep this fifth wheel. If your dealer is truthful he will tell you the differance.
The 2001 Montana 36070 RL and other montana 5th wh

[Teresa] I totally agree with Sam - if he is truthful you will find out that he has a better markup in the Montana. We have had 4 friends that have owned Montana and/or keystone products - I would run so fast it would make your head spin. You get what you pay for. Our friends purchased Montana January 2000 and used it a few times before putting it in winter storage. Every trip they made there was always some problem - be it small or large it still had to be taken back to the dealer after every use. During winter storage he would go in it approx. once a month to make sure everything was fine - he missed his regular visit and ended up going in close to 2 months during one of his visits - when he walked in - I think he about dropped dead. The entire camper was full of water. Everything in the camper was in ruins. It was returned to the dealer once again and they contacted manufacturer and all they wanted to do was send replacement parts to fix roof. They could not find a leak. Water was in all appliances (which they did not want to replace nothing except roof material). All beds were soaked, walls, floors, etc. Manufacturer refused to do anything else - if it was not for the dealer giving him the option to get a 2001 model (if he would pay $1000.00) he would be stuck with the soaked unit. He said the manufacturer was going to send roofing material replacement & they would fix & resale (the poor people that walk in and think they are getting a deal on this unit....). We have tons of friends & fellow campers that have Jayco&#039s and they love them.

We went in a Montana at a local show this past February and we were amazed at how the floor moved as you walked on it. The fifth wheel we were in had an island feature (that appearance was wonderful) but as you walked by it the floor moved (very weak feeling).

You should take another look and believe it or now the saying is actually proven

"you get what you pay for" - if you are planning to tow the Montana alot - I would reconsider.

Good Luck!