The lovebugs have won for now!


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Need some help in dealing with the "pest of the southeast". I went on a week of vacation during the middle of the lovebug swarm season and the little buggers sacrificed their lives on the front of my fifth wheel while in the middle of the only thing that they know how to do (constant copulation). I had an family medical emergency on returning and did not get the chance to remove them until a week later. Used the universal love bug remover (a wet Bounce fabric softner towel) and baking soda for the resilient ones, but am left with a brown stain where their #$%&* bodies used to be.

I've tried a car wax/cleaner and rubbing compound to no avail. How do I get the brown reminders of their ultimate sacrifice off of the front of my fifth wheel. If anyone has the solution to getting my fiberglass white again, I would appreciate your help.



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The lovebugs have won for now!

In another forum with a similar thread the solutions included:
[*] 50%/50% Vinigar and water wash[*]Clear coat safe cleaner/wax[*]Elbow grease and a car wash brush[/list]

I don't have the Love Bug problem, but the Central Valley gives plenty of opportunity to work with other bugs. The vinigar/water method removed 90% of it when combined with the elbow grease method. The remaining 10% of the tough buggers fell to the clear coat safe cleaner/wax from Mother's.

Regardless of how you get them off rewax.


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The lovebugs have won for now!

You might try the Castrol cleaner sold at discount stores (purple gallon type container). I'd dilute it to 1-3, then 50-50 and last resort 100%. You will probably need to rewax as Jay said.
This is the best cleaner I have ever found on the market. I use it for just about everything. It has taken stuff off vinyl that no other cleaner would touch and it did not hurt the vinyl at all...of course, you better test it.
Good luck


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The lovebugs have won for now!


Before traveling spray front surfaces with PAM cooking stuff. Dont do the windows - they will have to be washed. When you get where you are going just brush them off with soft broom. I was born and raised if Florida - I wish I had known this trick several years ago. It really works. We didn't spray windows because they would probably streak in rain.


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