Thermostat HELP


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1991 Fleetwood Prowler 25W: wanted to replace the thermostat to a digital one. Like a dummy I didn't write down what was what connected to each other on the old thermostat, and the new one I got which is digital all the wires are differently colored than the old, so I have no clue what to wire together. So I am looking for someone who has the same trailer that can tell me A: what colors go to what on the old thermostat, or B: what old wires connect to what colors on the new thermostat.
The old one is a coleman, and the new digital one is a Honeywell.

C Nash

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Dave no help other than always use digital camera and take a picture. Dont guess you have owner manual with wiring diagram. Most electricians know where wires go. Maybe a call to the mfg could help. Google it might work. Good luck