Thinking about it.

Hi group,
I currently work with a medical temp. agency in which I contract out to hospitals as a medical technologist. (lab tech). My contracts are for a minimum of 13 weeks with possible extensions. I have had multiple extensions of contracts in which I have stayed up to 9 months on the same job. I have been doing this for 2 years now and enjoy the travel very much. My agency takes care of all housing and most travel expense plus pays daily perdiem living and vehicle stipends while Im on the job. In 2 years I have worked in Tennessee, Florida, Texas, Maine and am currently in Maryland just outside DC.
My spouse & I have been talking about possibly purchasing a Motorhome to travel and live in from job to job. My home state is Oklahoma but I'm on the road aroung 11 months out of the year.
I would be interested in any thoughts/experience the group might offer on the pros & cons of this type of life style.
All comments or questions would be appreciated.
Thinking about it.

I would consider one of the larger 5th wheels and a late model 3/4 to 1 ton pickup. I had a 2001 33' motorhome and sold it on ebay and bought a pu/5th wheel combo a few months age. Seems to me there is much more living space in 5th wheel that has two or three slides. In a MH the driving compartment is just so much wasted space when your living in it. In a 5th when you get to where you are going unhook and you have your pickup to drive around in. For sure there are pros and cons to both and I suppose it comes down to individual preference. I kind of wish I had rented one of each before I bought the MH. Would have saved me some wheel spinning!
Thinking about it.

We've noticed campers that are obviously working, perhaps in office jobs, leaving for work at both Pohick Bay CG in Prince William County, and last week at Lake Fairfax Park CG in Fairfax County. My bride normally commutes about 55 miles daily, and I am fortunate to work at home most days, otherwise my commute is 65 miles. We occasionally take the MH down closer to work and "full-time" for a week at a time at either of those CGs. LFP is 10 minutes from my bride's office, for example. We have concluded that we could live in the MH and work full-time and be OK with it, we just choose not to do so at this time.