Thinking about upgrading my interior lighting?


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Hello Everyone,

I am thinking about upgrading my 12 volt lighting in my newell to a more high tech look. Now I really like the Euro Style that Thin-Lite makes but the price is a little high,Here is the link MODEL 656

and at the same time I also Like the Low Profile Lights from Elitelites here is the link: Model 11-390.My question is what should I look for when deciding on which company to go with? Both have excellent customer service As I have talked to both companies etc.

Thank You and I look forward to everyone's answers.



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Thinking about upgrading my interior lighting?

As an electrical type person, I see little difference in the two. Neither site seems to list any pricing, so I would guess that the key would be price. Thinlite is probably slightly better known, but doubt that is worth a great deal I don't recall having see the Elete products for sale at many locations. What kind of pricing did you find on each, and where?