Thinking of buying Coachmen Mirada M300

Looking for information (spec sheet, brochure, personal experience) on a 2000-2002 Coachmen Mirada M300. I am thinking of buying one and need to know if hydraulic levelers can be found on the 30 footer.

Any information appreciated. Also if you own one and would like to add the high points (and low points) of ownership, please do.

Thanks a million,
RE: Thinking of buying Coachmen Mirada M300

Our first coach was a Coachmen Mirada, our did not have leveling jacks and we never had a situation where we needed them but they are a option you can get. We drove this coach all over the country towing a car and never had any problems. These are great entry level motorhomes.
Re: Thinking of buying Coachmen Mirada M300

We had the ford chassie with 460 ci, the power was wonderful as even pulling a car through the rocky mtns. we could easily do the speed limit.