Thinking of purchasing a Mallard 5th Wheel

Does anyone know anything about Mallards? We are considering purchasing a 1999 Mallard 5th Wheel. We have gone over it very good and it seems to be in very good condition. Asking price is 12,500.
However, we have also looked at some new trailers but seem to keep coming back to this one. New ones we looked at were the Springdale, sprinter,and cougar. The salemen keep telling us not to buy the Mallard, but the new ones seems so cheaply made compared to this Mallard we are looking at.

Any opinions? Does anyone own a Mallard? Any Advise?

Would love some help. Thanks, Tena


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Thinking of purchasing a Mallard 5th Wheel

Unless the salesman also sells Mallards, of course he will tell you not to buy one, but rather buy one he does sell. In this case, I wouldn't give his words much weight. If he does sell Mallards, find out why he recommends against them and verify it somewhere else. After all, you can usually tell when a salesman is lying; his mouth is moving :laugh:

Never accept a statement which does not provide any documentation. Avoid X, X is no good, Y is better than X, etc are just so much noise. Make them provide details (such statements require 'because' clauses), and then verify the alleged 'facts' independantly.
Thinking of purchasing a Mallard 5th Wheel

Oh ok. There has been a Mallard on a guy's front yard for over a year now. On a real busy route. He sold a truck and boat off his lawn but not the Mallard. All kinds of reasons why I guess. Maybe he just wants to much for it. This on is in Delaware.


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Thinking of purchasing a Mallard 5th Wheel

Hi Tena, if you like the Mallard best then thats the one to go with, one thing about used units the big deprecations hit is gone, all the bugs should be taken care of. The Mallard is Fleetwood's entry level unit, the Sprinter is lower than the Cougar but are both considered entry level units. We have owned 2 Fleetwood products a Terry 5th wheel & a Bounder MH both were great units we never had a bit of trouble with either and we didn't have either of them back to the dealer for anything. Good luck in your search. :) :cool: :approve: