this old camper and me

:question: I got a 1993 duchman,32ft fithwheel,
the dogs got under it and chewed the brake line into.
So now how do I go about fixing it.

do i start from the first wheel, or can i just go from where its
Or to be safe, do the whole line, its been sitting 10yrs,
I know, but mom came down sick and i have had to put my life
on hold. shes 96 going on 100.
When I get this thing on the road, I hope to get her out more.
Anyway, thats my dream,

I realy do need help
Re: this old camper and me

Mary, Welcome to the forum.

In theory, you can just repair the wire where the dogs chewed it. BUT, if your trailer has been sitting for 10 years, I guarantee that more needs to be looked at. Things are rusty and I doubt your brakes will just start working like they were when you parked the trailer.

You have 2 wires going to each brake magnet. One is ground and the other is from the brake controller. There are 2 wires off each magnet, it does not matter which wire is hooked to the controller or ground. As far as the magnet goes you are just making a circuit.

DL Rupper

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RE: this old camper and me

Hey Mary, If you haven't already bought new tires, that should be your first stop, if you can make it to the tire shop before one blows. You should also invest in a new spare. Make sure you get the same size/rated tires. :)


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RE: this old camper and me

"chewed the brake line into"

Like GTS, I would think that what the dogs chewed was a wire if it is for the brakes. But that quote concerns me just a little. You do mean a wire or pair of wires, don't you? Your trailer does not have brake lines like a car has.
Re: this old camper and me

yes, you all are right, it is a big red wrie, and it runs to the right side of first, then gos through the wheel thing to the other side, and then to the brakes on that side.
so, can I just cut in where the line is chewed, or try to do both sides.
mary :8ball:
RE: this old camper and me

got that far, have had tires in the bathroom tub, now going on two yrs.,
sure wish I could get on the road soon, something in me just won't give up.
Been a rv dreamer for years now, had a tag along for yrs.
when life changed, bout me a 5th and lived in it for about 4yrs, then had to move mom in to the big trailer, so here we been for the pass 6 yrs.
No one in town know anything about rvs,so have to go 60 to 70 miles to get
anything fixed, or to replace any parts.
So I sure do thank you all for your help, I need all i can get.
May the LORD bless you all. mary in ky


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Re: this old camper and me

You should be fine as long as you make a good strong connection in the wire and be sure that you get it weather tight. Might want to put dog repellant on it too!

Sure hope that life comes around so that you can get those tires out of the bathtub and on the highways!

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RE: this old camper and me

Mary, hope you can get on the road again soon. My wife and I have been full-timing for 11 years and are now semi stuck in Dayton, OH as my mom is beginning to slow down and need more help. Don't exactly know when or how we will get back out. Makes me kinda of cranky. Good luck to you.