Thor / Westwind Hurricane

[ST] I am looking at the 2001 29 or 30 foot Class A Hurricane by Thor as a new purchase. Any feedback on this product. I have found some negative info about poor quality. Can someone who has one give me some advice. We are looking for an entry level model with some options and this looks like a well priced model.

If this is not a good product, what else for about $55K is out there?
Thor / Westwind Hurricane

[Phil] I don&#039t own one, so maybe its unfair to comment, but I will anyway. I have looked at new and used Hurricanes in my most recent search for a unit. They appear to be a good entry level coach, but they have cut corners to keep the price down. For example, using Generac generators instead of Onan. The chassis is probably the same as in higher end coaches of the same type. The interior decor reflects the price. In other words, you get what you pay for. Bottom line, if that&#039s all you can afford and your heart is set on a class A, you&#039ll probably be happy with it. Aerbus may be an alternative to get in that price range, and I wouldn&#039t overlook good, 2-3 year old units.
Thor / Westwind Hurricane

[Dick Imes] Hi, we own the Model 29D 2000 Hurricane. We purchased our unit in December 1999. Our unit&#039s list price was $57,484.00 this included the 13.5 BTU ducted roof air conditioner, 4.0 Onan genterator, dash fans, day/night shades, heated holdings tanks, outside shower, wheel liners. These were options that came through with this model in addition of coure to the listed standard features. We were able to purchase our unit for $47,500.00. Dollar for dollar we are not certain you can do a great deal better. Thor makes a good product, not the best in the industry just good. There is room for improvement in some of the workmanship. But, again it comes down to how much money you have to spend. We purchased our Hurricane to use for vacationing several weeks at a time during the year. We did not purchased it for full time RVing. Althought at this very time we are living in our Model 29D for 4 months while building a new home in Florida. Nothing major has gone wrong with our unit thus far. Had a little water coming in at the base of two of the windows this could be because the weep holes should be keep cleaned out on a regular basis. I atteded to that and so far no problem. I might add it has been raining everyday this week here in this part of Florida. We are running the Ford V-10 gas in our Hurricane. A great gas power house for this size unit. As you may know, Ford is responsible for the motor, drive train, and chassis. We do have a problem with the Ford side of things. Last time we drove our unit our speedometer stopped working a couple times. We are told it is due to a speed sensor located somewhere on the transmission. It is again we are told a easy fix. Just have not gotten into the Ford folks for the fix. If we had it to do over again, would we purcahse a Hurricane? The answer is yes we believe so. Thor provides a two year warrenty and Ford three years or the 36,000 mile thing. If you are concerned about the systems working and being cover under warrenty, buying new is probably the better way to go. However, you can buy an older unit 2 to 3 years old and purcahse extended warrenties. We hope this helps, good luck in your search for a class A.

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