Those MAD Brits are coming ?


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Hello All,

We are Paul (38) and Ann-Marie (33) from the UK, married without children.

We're at the early stages of planning a 6 month RV tour of the USA (unfortunately, restricted to 6 months due to Visa length).

The plan is to fly over, buy an RV ($80k budget), take our tour and then export the RV back to the UK - where we could sell it for more than we paid for it in the US.

There are many, many questions we would like to ask of you all, if you don't mind.

Let's start with the basics :-

1. Diesel Pusher - are they worth the extra investment. It seems we could do pretty well with our cash budget.

2. Which States are free from purchase taxes for the RV. Does anyone know if that applies to non-US buyers (and taking into account the eventual export).

3. Driving Licences. I am comfortable driving 7.5 tonne vehicles in the UK - would I need to take a test in the US (or in each individual State).

4. Dealer Options. Do US dealers offer free insurance and other incentives for cash buyers. Do you guys haggle over the price or are US dealer prices fixed in stone.

5. RV Parks or not. Is it possible to simply pull onto the side of the road for overnight stays or must you book into a park. What sort of price could we expect to pay in RV Parks (roughly).

6. Do you think we are mad even considering this adventure.

I think I had best leave the questions at that for now - but we do have so many more to ask of you.

Best Regards

Paul and Ann-Marie.


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Those MAD Brits are coming ?

First, let me welcome you to the RV-USA forum. Second, I invite you to use the link in my signature and visit our website as there are several things located that the are likely to be of interest to you. The key page, however, is one that was written by Keith McQuinn-Roberts, a countryman of yours who is currently touring the US in his RV which he purchased here. Keith covers a number of issues of concern to those from other countries who wish to purchase an RV to tour here. You can find Keith's work by using the drop down menue and look under Full Time RVing/RV Living/Travel the USA (a Brit Perspective). Keith also left his email address so that you will be able to contact him directly.

Your questions:
1) That is a difficult call. If you are shopping for a new RV, you won't find one in the price range that you are looking. It is my opinion that the extra cost is not justified for use for only six months. We have now been fulltime in a gas powered class A motorhome for five years and have no regrets in our choice.
2) There are no states that are completely free from taxes associated with the purchase and registration of an RV. In order to register the RV you will need to take up a temporary residence in one state and then register and insure the RV in that state. Texas, Florida and South Dakota are currently the most popular states for US residents who live in their RV fulltime. Keith chose to reside in Texas and he does so by being a member of the Escapees RV Club(
3)I believe that you will need a driver's license for the state where you register the RV. Keith can tell you more about that.
4)I have never heard of free insurance here, or much of anything else free from an RV dealer. Most dealers here do bargin over price. Generally you can expect to pay about 70-80% of suggested retail.
5)There are places where you are welcome to spend the night in a parking lot, such as most Wal Mart stores and truck stops. In the National Forests and BLM lands you can usually spend the night most anywhere. But in most cities spending the night on the side of the road is usually not allowed. Prices in RV parks vary widely. On the east or west coast it is not unusual for the price to be $40+. In the more rural areas it is more common to find parks in the $20-30 range. The state parks usually charge less than $25 and some less than $20. Many small towns have free camping in the city parks, but not most larger cities. If you choose to join Escapees, they have 18 parks where you can stay one night free with no hook-ups and then pay only $2.50 per night or with full hook-ups it is around $10. There is a group called Passport America that is a 1/2 price discount club.
6) Absolutely not! There are many of your countrymen who do exactly what you wish to do. We welcome you here!


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Those MAD Brits are coming ?

Thanks Kirk,

A great start for our planning.

Yes, I had found escapees and escapeamerica - but thanks for reminding me of these.

I will take a look at your link it sounds a great source of info.

Re the Diesel Pusher - my main reason for considering this is for when ro export/import to the UK.

Im assuming that the DP gives a much higher gallon per mile rate - which is probably THE most important factor in the UK as we are paying $7.61 per gallon here for diesel and $7.10 for petrol !!

Best Regards

Paul and Ann-Marie