Thoughts on leveling jacks


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I have a class C coachmen prism 25'. being a new owner, there's alot of stuff i was not aware of. I recently found out that I can install auto leveling stabilizers to help fight the wind. So I was wondering which type of stabilizer that's budget friendly and efficient. Do i go electric or manual, and what kind of brand is recommended/ will fit with my model? Any tips is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
I would go electric as it will make it easier for you setting. I have had built in stabilizer's on all three of my Class A's that I have owned over the years and they are nice. I had to replace the board (electric) in my second class A. Not sure of a brand to suggest. You may want to google stabilizers.


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Almost all stabilizers are less useful. I can not judge the economic efficiency, I have not tried all kinds. You need to contact the guys who are doing this, or with someone from related areas, or at least read on, they are involved in tuning and other similar things, there may be useful information.
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