Threading the needle

I hope the following won’t sound like a math “story problem”! My husband and I have a Forest River Flagstaff Super Light 27RLWS. We are blessed to have a garage to park it in. The standalone garage was built when we had a smaller TT (Travel trailer). Now we have this one as well as a different truck with a longer wheel base to pull it - an F250. Our garage is 40 ft long in which to back in our 32.5 ft trailer, leaving very little space to maneuver. Our opening leaves all of maybe a foot on either side, minus the few inches for the awning. Consequently, despite our best efforts to line it up squarely before backing it in, focusing on a line on the back wall, it is a horrible experience getting it in there AND getting it out. We are both snarling by the time it’s done and have damaged the awning. It’s a nightmare!

My husband is outstanding in backing up anything, given he used to back up Fire engines into the station multiple times during his 34 year career. He’s feeling a blow to his ego having issues with this! I’ve looked into getting an electronic trailer dolly, which would solve our issue. However, we don’t have a spare $1,700 sitting around! If I could find a used one, I’d be thrilled. Or, I have two other potentials I need to bounce off you guys. 1. What about a manual dolly that hitches to the side of the trailer hitch, and moving the trailer hitched to my Kawasaki mule? Is that possible? is there another idea along these lines that might work? 2. Putting a trailer hitch on the front of the truck? The trailer packed up is probably close to 8000 lbs or less. The tongue weight is about 716 lbs. Any ideas? Thank you! ❤️