Tickets are booked. No Planning time

Thanks everyone wo answered my last post on travelling to USA.
Well we have booked and paid for our tickets to Los Angeles. Now the fun begins planning our road trip. We have about five weeks. We are still unsure on what type of RV we want to get as our budget is limited. We are planning on myaybe heading to Seattle and working our way back. In Australia we have a lot of free camping area and State forests and National Parks where we can camp.Is it similar in USA or do we need to book into RV parks each night.
Also I have found a site called Good Sam Club, is this something worh looking into. We have decided not to try and see too much in one trip and just take our tome and enyoy ourselves at a slower pace.
Any suggestions on maps and an ideas on planning our trip. Its easy for me to plan an AUstralian trip as I am familair with the county but this is a whole new adventure,


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Re: Tickets are booked. No Planning time

On the way to Seattle you will want to get over to the Coast as you near Or. And there are a lot of free placesm to camp here as well. National forest and some very cheap Casino parking as well with RV hookups and showers and so on. Will you have a laptop computer with you, if so there are a couple sites that have a bunch of free or very low cost camping sites.

Re: Tickets are booked. No Planning time

Thanks Len. We will bring a laptop with us. Looks like we will have 30 days in a RV so hopefully get us to Seattle and back again. We would like to see as many nationalParks ets as we can. I was a bit dissapointed that most of the RV hire places ban going into Death Valley and some other deserts. I was hoping to spend a bit of time getting some nice photos. The insurance side of things is a bit confusing as well.
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Re: Tickets are booked. No Planning time

I think Good Sam is worth looking into as you can plan your trip right there on thier website. Texas Clodhopper assisted me with this last year unfortunately my trip did not pan out as my husband was not willing to drive all the way to Nevada at the time. I am sure that some of the other more travelled RVers will be here shortly with good advice on trip planning. Len is one of the more travelled RVers and he has good advice also.