Timber Creek by Play-Mor


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I am new to the camping world and was wanting to start out by getting a used camper to see how much we do use one and how we use it... I found a 96 timber creek by play-mor at a local dealer and he is asking nada book value on it... I would like some information on this camper, good or bad. I don't know much about this brand or how to tell if it's a good buy or not, so any advice is appreciated....

C Nash

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Timber Creek by Play-Mor

Did you look up the price in the NADA book or did the dealer tell you he was asking NADA value. Beware if it's the latter! Play-more has a pretty good rep but, look it over good even a 96 can have severe water damage if it has leaked. Ask your banker what the loan value of the TT is. Your insurance person should be able to also give you a fair selling price

Chelse L. Nash