Time to go Camping

Just got back from a four day rally in Houston...60 rigs and more food at pot luck than you should imagine. Next up, leaving Tuesday for Pedernales State Park near Johnson City, TX and then off for ten days at Fort Davis State park in the Davis Mountains in West Texas. Back to Kerrville, Tx for an Easter rally and then dang it home for three days and then to a Blue Grass Festival and then...well you get the idea. I have to come home on a regular basis in case my Obama check comes in. See ya'll down the road.....


RE: Time to go Camping

Man ,, Jim i wish i was in u'r shoes ,,, u know worry about where to put the MH next ,,, and the heck with the ck ,,, just have it fowarded to u ,, :approve: :approve: :approve: :laugh: :laugh: