Tip #1 in campground

DL Rupper

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Pay attention to where you are going and what's in the immediate vicinity of you while in the SAFE campground. I was walking back from the laundry this morning, minding my own business when a GREAT BIG CRASH occurred about 3 feet from me. I wasn't paying any attention to my surroundings and sorta day dreaming when a big old Dodge diesel with a 5th Wheel hooked on just rolled out of it's site down a incline and smashed into the tree next to me. The owner was warming it up and had gone to the camp restrooms and left it idling. He said the brakes were set, however, I doubt it. Good lesson here. Keep your chocks in place until you are ready to leave and make sure your brakes are set. The most important lesson is: While walking through the campground, keep your head out of you know where. :laugh:


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Re: Tip #1 in campground

He probably did have the truck in park. Dodge diesels are known to have a problem with slipping into reverse from park when left idling. Dodge can not seem to fix it. The work around is either turn it off or set the parking brake. Personally, I turn mine off. Why take chances. :)

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Re: Tip #1 in campground

Back on topic... This goes to show one must always be aware of their surroundings. Not only for runaway Dodges, but ALL possible threats. Google "The Color Code of Situational Awareness" and live by it! ;)


Re: Tip #1 in campground

Thats bad y'all know the way DL loves his diesel fumes in the morning, :laugh: you don't think they have a vendetta out to get him. :clown:

All kidding aside, in the world I lived in for years in the chemical and refinery industry you NEVER NEVER leave a runnung vehicle unattended. If you did you wouldn't on your new job for sure. As much as I hated OSHA it is one of there safe practices