Anyone familiar with Tire Guard an insurance to replace tires and wheels that are damaged? We were offered this protection when we bought our rv. $500 for 7 years policy, all repairs, replacement, towing, etc. ( they have a web site). But we have to get it before we close, we usually pass on this type of offer, because its a take it now, or its gone, don't think about it, don't discuss it, to good to be true etc. etc...!!! . But this one seems like a good thing.

Pros? Cons?

Let me know because I can still get it if it is a good thing.


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I was offered this too. My research turned up a few people who ended up having to pay for their own tire problems. It's probably like the extended warranty; they will refuse to pay if you don't dot all the i's and cross all the t's.

I am not sure who has had to use this, but they have been in business over 25 years. It is not just tires, they will replace wheels that get ruined also. Aluminum wheels on motorhomes and trailers are several hundred dollars each. I have a bent aluminum wheel on my car, from the dealer $525.00. That is after my discount. The cheapest I have found on internet is $248.00. And that is a 16" on a Ponitac. Take a guess what a large motorhome wheel would be. They also pay some on towing.

Now if a tire is worn out and blows, they won't replace it. ALSO if you wear out your tires, say in 3 years and you have a 7 year contract, the new tires go under your orginial warranty for the remaining 4 years.

Like all insurance, if you don't need it, you have wasted your money. But if you do, it's money well spent.


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Tire Guard is the exact same thing on your tires & wheels as an extended warranty is on the RV. They are health insurance for what they cover. And they should both be approached in the same way. The question to ask is, what would be the effect on my budget if the worst happened and I did need a tire & wheel? Of course, consider it based upon the wheels your RV has as my steel wheels don't cost anywhere close to what GTS quotes. But insurance is there to spread the risk. The majority of purchasers do not save money, but it does protect you from a major disaster. No insurance company could stay in business if they were to pay out more than they charged to the majority of customers. But, if you can't afford the cost of the problem they protect you from, then it is a good buy.

Also, keep in mind that sales people always recommend such contracts because they pay a very nice commission to both the sales person and the dealership. That doesn't mean that they are cheating you, only that it does explain the advice.

Grandview. I have a friend with an extremely large salvage operation. Send me a link to a pic of your style wheel and I'll see if I can do anything for you. Krazee


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By the way, independant on whether what the dealer offers you is good or bad, or needed or not, the original quoted price usually has room for bargaining. It has been my experiance that the prices on such after sale items as warrantees and coatings can be discounted by up to 50%.

Get a quote from Tire Guard directly to see how it compares with the dealer's price. Also check out Road Shield, allegedly the same protection.

Krazee, I let them ship me the wheel. It is still up in the air if I am going to Indiana next week and the freight was fare. I will let you know when I am going. Got your number. :laugh:

Thanks again

Thought you guys would like to see the new 2006 Tire Guard guidelines. There is a recap then a NEW area.

Tire Guard / Road Warrior

Road Hazard Coverage for
Tires and Wheels

If a tire can be repaired, Tire Guard will pay for the repair.
If a tire cannot be repaired, Tire Guard will pay for its replacement. This is not subject to any pro-rata adjustment or deductible.

Tire Guard will pay for repair or replacement, for a wheel/rim damaged and unable to hold air due to the failure of a tire covered under this contracted. This is not subject to any pro-rata adjustment or deductible.

Tire Guard will pay for mounting and balancing of replacement tires, and wheels.

Tire Guard will pay for all FET, and sales taxes associated with the covered repair or replacement.

Two for the price one!

If you sell a contract to a travel trailer or fifth wheel, the towing vehicle is covered while it is towing the trailer.
If you sell a contract to a motor home, the towed car is covered while it is being towed.

Reimbursement for broken leaf springs on a trailer due to a tire failure covered under this contract.

Motor Club Roadside Assistance
In the event your vehicle is disabled, we will dispatch a service vehicle to your location to assist you.
Towing Service
We will tow your disabled vehicle to the nearest repair facility, and pay up to $300.00, per disablement.
Mechanical First Aid
Any dispatch service requiring a minor adjustment (exclusive of parts) to enable a disabled vehicle to proceed under its own power (where available)
Battery Service
Jumpstart or boosting of a dead battery
Essential Fluids Delivery
The emergency delivery of gas, oil, water or other fluid (the cost of the materials delivered are your responsibility)

Locksmith Service
If your keys are locked inside the vehicle we will dispatch a locksmith to help you gain entry to the locked vehicle

You are entitled to one (1) service per 72-houes. Maximum amount covered for towing is $300.00. Maximum amount covered for other services is $100.00. Any additional charge will be your responsibility and payment will be expected at the time service is rendered.

Motor Club Roadside Assistance is a sign-and-drive program, not a reimbursement program. Refer to your contract for exact terms, conditions, limitations, exclusions, contact phone numbers and claim procedures.