tire life

I have a 2000 28A Four Winds Class C motorhome with 26000 miles on it. I have replaced the front two tires, but the back four tires look to be in excellent shape both tread and sidewalls. I have always kept the tires covered when stored. I have read several places that you should always replace tires after seven years no matter the condition. I hesitate to spend the money when they look so good, but I don't want to have to worry about them on a trip. Also, what is the rule on rotation and how? Any comments on this subject would be appreciated. :) :)


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Re: tire life

I thought it was 5 years, myself. Something about how some chemical evaporates from the rubber over time, making the rubber brittle. I think heat and/or sunlight can accellerate this process. Not what you want when you have a whole lot of weight on your tires.

Also, check the date codes on the tire sidewall to see when they were manufactured. Just because the RV is a 2000, doesn't mean the tires aren't a year or more older than that.

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Re: tire life

I wouldn't extend passed 5/6 years. Blowouts are not fun on an RV. Iv'e had 2 and jacking a 5th wheel on the side of the Freeway with big 18 Wheelers passing by with a foot to spare is not my idea of fun. Besides when they blow you can expect damage to your RV. :(


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Re: tire life

Both Goodyear and Michelin say to replace all tires after 5 to seven years. You say that you don't want to have to worry about your tires, you would be wise to replace them. It is highly likely that you will experience blown out tires sooner or later if you do not. A blown tire will very likely cause body damage to the RV if it happens at high speed. And it could easily cause an accident if it should happen in heavy traffice, and particularly if you choose to rotate then and put them on the steering axle. This is a very high risk just to save some money.