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Well, I did it, got the Tire-SafeGuard system. I had to get 2 new
tires, so had the internal sensors installed on all wheels. Don't have
the antennas permanantly mounted yet, but just laying them on the floor
all the sensors are picked up fine.

I chose this system because they seemed to have the best design. Your
choice of internal sensors or external sensors, and unlike Doran
external sensors, the Tire-SafeGuard external sensors do report
(ambiant) temperature and more importantly, you can add air without
removing the sensor.

The best place I found to get this was from a guy (timebo) on ebay.

I'll let you all know how it performs on my next trip.
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John, that's one of the few things that 'worry' me about my trips -- blowouts.

I think its a good investment; right up there with new tires.


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Yep, particularly since you can't carry a spare on these things... And even more particularly when they design them to use a size tire you can't get in 70% of the country :) Took me a week to get a pair in Tucson, so for the cost of a 3rd tire, I figure I've cut my chances of needing tire replacement on the road by at least 50%.
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I installed them on my RV and toad. It's nice to know what your tire pressure is on each tire every time you start the engine. I blew a tire on my Jeep and it warned me before any serious damage was done. Unfortunately, my 7 year old unused spare blew 10 minutes later. By the time I saw smoke in the rear view mirror, I had $1500 worth of damage. You can not tell a tire is low from your camera. There is no sensor on the spare. The system works and I plan on adding it to my new Jeep.

Dennis (40' 2004 Alpine)
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Re: Tire Pressure Monitor

If the sensor is a screw on, you could take it off the tire which you remove and put it on the spare after it is mounted.