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Don't really know which one is best but I read a lot of favorable things about the DoranPressure Pro. Not wanting to spend any more than I have to...I have been looking at THESE. Haven't read anything about them yet!

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Not sure myself which is the best but it has been one of the most useful purchases for the RV I have made. When Pressure Pro and Doran went there seperate ways prices appeared to come down a bit and other companies jumped into the fray. Many posts on the forums on the good and bad concerning customer support etc. Do your reseach before pulling the trigger.

I went with the Doran 360 and it works fine. Easy set up my M/H is 43' they recommend buying the repeater to boost signal I did not buy it initially. For the m/h sans toad worked fine add the toad to the equation and I push 60' plus. Bought the repeater and alls fine now.

I'm in the group that says you will not get and actual temperature read out unless your sensor is mounted inside the tire on the rim. Systems that give this are quite a bit more money but are availiable. I've never read a negative comment on these units from owners. I think it would be a bummer if a sensor went bad. Cost of new sensor and yanking the tire off the rim to install would be the show stopper for me. Dorans 360 advertises a temperature read out but I can assure you its not anywhere near accurate getting data from a stem mounted sensor.

I have never had a sensor stolen nor have used the rube goldberg lock that comes with them (its internal to the sensor and uses and allen wrench). Sensors are bigger than you think and me personally would not put these on valve stems that are not metal. Literature says you can but recommend metal.

My unit has caught slow leaks (picked up road debris) and after a two week sit started the coach and one of the inside duals was under 40psi. Surely saved me and interstate hassle. The TPMS was of absolutely no help with a catostrophic blowout of a right front tire. Upon the initial tire explosion the darn thing was alerting and alarming like mad. Not sure any TPMS would have been of any help in that situation. If you are wondering why I found out about the problem at start up vice when it dropped below set point. Depends if you hardwire (I did this) or run your power out of and adapter. Doran spells out the pros and cons.

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I just checked out, online a TPMS called 'nVISION'. There was an article in the May 09 Motorhome Mag. Looks much like most YPMS as far as I can tell. One thing that does bother me is they say 'Perfect for RVer's and Tower's'. But their system has only 4 valve stems sensors in the basic system and then sell two sensors for and extra $100.00. I think their ads are misleading indicating $300.00 for complete system. jmo.


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I just bought the Pressure pro system for my class A and tow car while at a rally last month. It works great and is easy to set up. however three separate vendors said that the rubber stems on my Honda CRV tow car should be fine- not true!
When I left the campground after 5 miles of driving one of the sensors on the tow car set off the alarm for low pressure. I refilled the tire with my onboard compressor and drove another 5 miles- again low air . I removed the sensor until I got home, where I had a tire dealer install metal stems and it's been fine ever since. I also had them put nitrogen in tires.
Also- when we were still in the campground I left the unit on so I could check the pressures every morning to see if there were any leaks- when the temperature dropped overnight , the pressures went down enough to set off the alarm. When the sun came out- they were fine- so I unplugged the unit
until we were ready to leave.