Tire Pressure Monitors


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I have a 2005 Monaco Dynasty and have allready experienced a flat tire.
Please suggest what type of tire presuure monitor that you would consider purchasing for your rig.
Do they work?
How difficult are they to install?


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Tire Pressure Monitors

There are 2 types, inside the tire and outside the tire. The inside type have at least 2 sub-types, clamped to the wheel (SmartTire) or replacing the valve stem (forgot who this was). Both of these are a pain to install, and to service; you will probably need to find a tire shop to do it. The outside type screws onto the valve stems. They are simple to install, simple to service, and simple to steal or damage and are more subject to leaking.

In all types, you will need a receiver and display in the drivers area. I think I would prefer one which would also display the tire status for a toad or trailer. Generally the longer motorhomes need an auxillary antenna near the rear to receive the signal from the rear axel and toad and signal the receiver near the front of the coach.