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we own a 2002 beaver santiam which we bought new. now its time for new tires. the coach came with 275/70/22.5 tires we want switch to 275/80/22.5 a little taller tire more side wall, hoping for a little better ride. any info would be appreciated! :)

DL Rupper

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Re: tire size

Not a tire expert, but it seems that the sidewalls would flex more if they were higher/taller. Not sure that would be bad or matter. On a 5th wheel the sidewalls get tremendous strain and flex when backing in a tight turn. Probably doesn't matter on a motor home.
RE: tire size

In my opinion..I would stick with the same size tire and just get the best load range tire in that size. The better load range rating the more sidewall ply there is for better stability and handling.
Also I have seen cases where a taller tire with more sidewall actually causes more "body roll" as it it sometimes called.

Just my two cents.
RE: tire size

thanks for the response! the 80 sereies tire is taller with more side wall. hence maybe a smoother ride. just found out that monaco is now installing the 275/80/22.5 tires on the newer diplomats/endeavors wich share the same chassis as the santiam. guess maybe they were thinking the same way. as for the speedo being off i think that can be corrected by programming the allison trans. any more thoughts :question: