Tires, how old is too old?


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I bought a 1994 Gulf Stream coach recently. DOT dates on two of the tires indicate they were made in 1993. The tires look good (side walls & tread depth) and I have driven about 1300 miles so far. Should I replace these tires immediately due to their age or can I continue to use them?

Gary B

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Tires, how old is too old?

Hi Jack if it were mine I'd replace the tires, I'm not sure if we are talking about a MH or a trailer though. If a MH definetly get them changed if its a trailer I'd still do it. If you blow a tire it can do alot of damage. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve:


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Tires, how old is too old?

Hey Jack, I bought a Wilderness 27.5' Fifthwheel about 5 months ago, and made several trips all within 200 miles of home, with no problems. However on our last trip I blew out a tire, and had to change it with an 8" Crescent wrench, I now have a lug wrench in my truck. Anyway when I got to the nearest Les Schwab I bought a new tire to replace the one that blew out. The store manager there said that according to the DOT # the tires were the original tires from 93, and said that even though they looked good, (mine looked 3/4 good in the tread) they were just a time bomb waiting to explode. It seems that because of age and sitting the majority of the time, they dry rot from the inside out. When I got home I started an account with Les Schwab and got the other three changed out. There is quite a piece of mind knowing that I have new tires on. Just a side note: My Dodge pickup that I bought 2 years ago, had been outfitted with oversize tires on new alloy rims, while they looked nice and have held up fine (33X 12.5) I discovered that the stock lug wrence that came with the truck was not going to help me if I got a flat on the truck or the trailer, since the lug nuts on after market wheel tend to be smaller than stock. I have since put in the cab a large heavy duty 4-way lug wrench.

Deric Kettel
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