I stopped for fuel yesterday (at $4.40 per gallon) in Needles, CA at a Shell Station at the intersection of I-40 and US 95. A worker at the station tried to sell me new tires for my A-Liner popup. He said I had passenger tires and needed RV tires. I was skeptical since those tires had driven over 10,000 miles with no problem, but I thought I should at least check this out. Maybe this is legitimate or maybe this person is a con artist. If this is a con, then others, beside me, should know about it. Similarly, if using passenger tires on a RV poses a risk, then others should be aware of this safety hazzard. I welcome your input.

Steve H

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RE: tires

If you can list the size (sidewall markings) of your current tires and the weight of your popupI am sure we can be of more help.

When a tire size begins with a "P," it signifies the tire is a "P-metric" size that was designed to be fitted on vehicles that are primarily used as passenger vehicles. This includes cars, minivans, sport utility vehicles and light duty pickup trucks (typically 1/4- and 1/2-ton load capacity). There is more information at Tirecoabout tire types etc.

I know several people that run LT tires on their rigs but no one that uses P rated tires. Doesn't mean you can't but you must be within the weight rating of the tire and wheel combination.

The worker may have been trying to sell you ST tires which are made specifically for towed trailers. That is what I use but there is a lot of controversy about their reliability, especially those made overseas!

Anyway...Ken or somebody else will be along shortyly with some more feedback!

Best of luck!

DL Rupper

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Re: tires

As long as the trailer is very light, I don't think it will matter. Years ago (1975-83) my light weight TT's all had passenger tires on them and I didn't have any problems. The ST tire designates the tire sidewall will resist sun (UV) /radiation/deterioration better than car tires. You will probably leave the tires on a trailer longer than on a car so they will eventually deteriorate and the sidewalls will crack. However, most of the ST tires are now made in China and I wouldn't give you 2 cents for all of them. Just my opinion.
Re: tires

Thanks for your responses. The tires are P155/80R13. They are replacement tires as this is 1994 A-Liner. The guy who I bought it from put them on. The trailer weighs 995 pounds.
Re: tires

Ed, I've got a wheelbarrow that weighs that much! I bet that's heaven to pull. Don't worry about it. You got it covered easy with those tires (as long as they're in good shape.) Remember that all tires have a speed limit, too.