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Hello all. I'm new to the forums and am searching for a little information. I am looking to set up residency in TN. I am trying to find a mail service like they have in SD, TX, and Fl. I saw mention of one called Mail Call USA, but I have heard they are unreliable. Does anyone have any other suggestions for the state of Tenessee? Thank you for your time.

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Have you looked into the Good Sam Club. I believe they have a service that would meet you needs.

By the way, Welcome to the forum. We have some very interesting threads here. :cool:

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I have looked into Good Sam and they are based out of Fl. So is the Camping World Presidents Club. But thank you for the suggestion, and the welcome.
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I'm looking for the same service in TN if you find something. We'll probably move to FL, but it takes time to move my first responder cert and professional licenses. So it would be convenient to keep TN residency at least temporarily.


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I just signed up with UPS Store for my mail forwarding. We have one here in Mt Juliet now and they are real nice to deal with. We are going full-time next month. They forward and charge it to a previously provide credit card, after you call and let them know where. You get a real street address, we just changed over our TN drivers license and voter registration
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Have you transfered your insurance over to that address yet? I just want to make sure it is all legal. Thank you so much for this information though, I really appreciate it.
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Safe travels and thanks for the tip. There's a UPS Store in Nashville that might have some possibilities. I'm not worried about insurance but I'll clear it with my agent just to be sure.

Besides the F250 we're also looking at the Duramax diesel with the Allison transmission. That combination made a believer out of of a lot of my truck buddies out here. One guy is 1,000 miles short of 200,000 and it's still pulling strong.