Martin Brenneke

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I have a 2004 MH with an Allison 1000 Trans and an 8.1 Chevy engine. If I place the temp sensor in the to cooler line would it be ok to use rubber fittings on eather side of the T fitting and then attached to the lines going from the trans to the radiator cooler? What Kind of pressure is in the to cooler line? Any help would be appreciated.


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I don't remember the pressure value in the cooler circuit. I remember it varies with RPM. We used to assume on the AT545 a nominal maximum of 100 psi at 4000 RPM. But even that can vary with line size, cooler size, etc. My advice would be to buy a machined adapter to place the temperature sensor directly into the to cooler port at the transmission. The reattach the cooler line to that fitting.

You have a nice rig. The cooler circuit is where the torque converter pumps the transmission fluid out of the trans to the cooler. One little rubber hose fails in that circuit and your fluid ends up on the highway potentially damaging the unit. That would make that $25 fitting seem cheap. Good luck.