"To Bowl or not to Bowl"


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:eek: I'm a newbie looking for answer to my question. My husband says that I can not use the bowl cleaner that I use in my bathroom at home to clean the tiolet in our camper. Is that true? Are there any home cleaning supplies that I should not use in the camper? Will they harm the black water tank or anything? I guess this is more of a question for the ladies out there, though I know there are some men who do the cleaning. Any help would be appreciated.

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"To Bowl or not to Bowl"

Hi Molly,

As a single man, I have to do all the cleaning in my house. (5th wheel)

The toilets in most of the RVs are not porcelain like in a regular house, they are made of plastic. As such, if you use the cleaners from the house, you run the risk of scoring or scratching the plastic surfaces and this could allow germs a breeding ground.

I can't speak for the others, but I use only a "squirt" of dish soap and the regular bowl brush to clean my toilet.

Then I sanitize it with Lysol spray.

Also be careful with the other surfaces in the RV, like kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower stall and or tub.. These also may be plastic.

Another thing to remember is that the holding tanks on the RV are just that... a holding tank... If you read more on these forums, you will see many discussions about what to use in them and what not to use.. Some folks swear by the "blue stuff" and some swear by the enzyme type tank treatments, while others say that the RV tanks need no treatment of any kind..

As for me, I use only the enzyme treatment called "RID-X".. because as a single man, I only need to dump every three weeks or so..

Hope this helps, I'm sure that others will chime in here with their thoughts on the subject.

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"To Bowl or not to Bowl"

Hi! Molly
I use the new teflon type cleaner a spray for bathrooms. You do have to be careful what you put down the toilet not like at home. I do put down the purple product for campers Campure I think from Walmart to make it not smell bad and help breakdown tissue and solids. I also wipe down with cloraxo wipes to sanitize. In my camper that does not move I put in 6 oz. in the sink and toilet each week, there we use a blue tank to take to the dump station. You have to handle things carefull. Good Luck