To grease or not to grease


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I've been pulling travel trailers for years and it just came to me that I don't know whether I should or shouldn't be greasing the trailer ball. If I should be, what is the recommended procedure and type grease (oil)? If I shouldn't be, is there a material that is used to separate the ball from the hitch or should both be just cleaned?


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To grease or not to grease

Hi Kegman,
Yes, you should be greasing the ball and also the points where the spring bars enter the hitch. On the trunnion type, you should put some grease on the top and bottom of the trunnion. On the round, L shaped bars, you should put some grease on the end of the bar and also where it rubs while in the hole. You can get a white "ball" grease at Walmart or just use wheel bearing grease. Either way, make sure you wipe it off and refresh frequently as it does tend to get dirty and collect sand etc. Make sure you wipe out the coupler on the trailer also.