To ship it. . . .or NOT to ship it. . .

My wife and I will be transferring to Oahu at the end of the Fall of this year. We are trying to decide what to do with the motor home. It's a 26' Jamboree. We love it and hate to part with it. . . but this may be a one way trip if all goes according to plan. I see that there are no RV spots on the island of Oahu (which is understandable, since everything is about 2 hours away. But. . . we would love to be able to take it for the weekends up to the beach and just stay up there all weekend without having to battle traffic back into the city. Plus. . .the beach always makes me crave rum drinks. . . .and so. . .driving back is NOT an option. What we were hoping is that there might be able to just pull over for the night and park. I know that they have all sorts of beach parks and such with humongous parking lots. . . .but. . . .do they allow campers to spend the night??? Does ANYONE have any insight on this??? We don't know if it's worth shipping it or not. Storage will not be a problem for us while we're there. The Navy base at Pearl Harbor has a vehicle storage area to use.
To ship it. . . .or NOT to ship it. . .

Well decisions decisions? Just kidding of course.
Where do you live or should I say where is the motor home.
Shipping by container freight would be one way and there are several cargo carriers in the Gulf coast area that would probably do it. It all comes back to Money of course. As to the viability of shipping there is nothing wrong with doing it, just money. May be cheaper to sell and but again.
To ship it. . . .or NOT to ship it. . .

I see you are from Washington State. My son is a Lieutenant in the Navy and stationed at Whidby Island and lives in Oak Harbor. You could give it to him.........LOL. I don't know if he would be interested in it but he is going camping (tent) next week at Fort Ebey there in Washington. If you sell it how much would you be asking ?
To ship it. . . .or NOT to ship it. . .

I just don't know if there's any place over there to use it. . . .being an island and all. We might pay to get it there. . . .and realize that we can't stay overnight at any of the campspots there.
P.S. Poppa. . . .currently (as of last night) using the water softener (Geo Method). Also. . .I have been using bleach for several years for numerous household projects and have yet to have an "incident". . . .but. . . .I will keep Kirks advice in mind LOL.