We just purchased a 40' deisel pusher and need a toad.
I found a Rav4 for sale locally already setup for towing and comes with a 5000 lb. tow bar. Current owner says he has never needed brakes on the toad because it only weighs 2700 lbs.
Comments please.

C Nash

Senior Member

ricunger 77, this question has been asked many times with all kinds of opinions. If you plan on any Canada trips it is my understanding that all must have toad brakes. Different states have different weights and some say that the state you live in rules. I didn't seem to need them towing our tracker which is the same weight as the Rav4 but, it might be the difference in avoding a wreck in a panic stop. Sure won't hurt and I am legal if the law requires toad brakes. Insurance could enter in if you had the bad luck to rear end someone and they felt you could have stopped if you had toad brakes. IMO get them just for safety. Having said all this, I have never heard of anyone being checked by law officers and ticketed.