has anyone had the horrible experience with Todd's that we have?
To make a long story short we are first time RVer's. We purchased a new 05 Dynasty from Todd's in NC on 9/06.
We made an offer, they accepted it. Since then it has been the dealer from Hades. All they do is complain about the price they sold it at. The owner's son tells us to contact Monaco and get them to cover items of issue because they have $100,000's of thousands of inventory and they feel they have done enough. We do not feel that we will ever know the truth about our coach. Not much of comfort electronics ( in motion satellite, DVD/VCR) are what was suppose to be in the coach. Replacements are of lesser quality and different manufactures. The more we check owner's list the more we find things wrong. We asked that the oil and filters on all systems be changed. The coach has sat since 04 when it was built. They refused even though Onan, Cummings and Monaco home office said it needed done. The coach was rushed to get it out the door without fully prepping it. All that mattered was the sale not service. From being a 'whatever we can do for you' to 'go somewhere else' dealership changed in about the time it took to drive it off the lot. As recently as yesterday we were told by owner's son they will not have anything to do with my husband because the coach is in my name but it was fine when we were buying it that he represent me. The service writer made snotty comments about our contacting Monaco main office about problems. He went so far as to say go else where. Todd's has not returned phone calls but then neither did Monaco customer service. What happen to the customer being a major concern. My business would never have survived with Todd's attitude. The coach it's self is great we are enjoying it, even though it is not all in working condition. Can't wait till all is operable.

Any suggestions on a dealer that enjoys his job in western NC?
Re: Todd's RV in NC HORRIBLE

If I were you I would do two things. First I would contact Monaco and inform them about how you have been treated by the dealer and of your problems. They will probably recomend another dealer somewhat close by to solve your problems. The next thing I would do is contact the BBB in NC and let them know also. If you have documentation on your coach that says it was built with one type of system and it was sold with another type of system you may have a leagal claim against Todd's RV.

I can recomment Richard's RV in Greenville. Haven't tried Todd's, though live close by, but Richard's has knowledgeable service. Sounds like things got way out of hand with Todd's and they should have handled it differently.



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Re: Todd's RV in NC HORRIBLE

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