Toilet Issue

Hey guys, all new project. It turns out that no matter what, the valve that replaces h2o in the toilet constantly allows water to slooowwwly seep in. It will actually fill the toilet in a few hours. Any way to trouble shoot this besides cursing it or should I just buy a new one? Anyone ever had this problem? :dead:
Re: Toilet Issue

What kind of toilet frist off. Some manufacturers sell a kit that has seat for the valve if you are so inclined. Check out the make and model an then jump on the net and see if a kit is available


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Re: Toilet Issue

Just bought a new one a month or so ago at a cost of approx 200.00. Thetford. Kit (if it has one for your model) will run a lot less than 200.00, I would guess.
Re: Toilet Issue

Yep, thats what I ended up having to do. It was a toilet from 1988 bless its soul and the culpret was a faulty valve. The part, which they were able to find, was $100 to replace. When I took it out to troubleshoot, everything was just nasty so I went ahead and just bought a new one. Looks a whole lot nicer too.