Tongue Jack Problem

I went to install a Atwood electric tongue jack on my Coachman Travel Trailer - the hitch went in the top plate of the A-Frame fine, but the hole in the lower support plate is too small by it looks like 1/4" diameter. Is there any option other than having the lower plate cutoff and a new one welded on? Just wondered if there was any way to make the existing hole bigger.
Tongue Jack Problem

I had this same problem installing my electric jack on my old trailer and my present one. It's an easy fix. Use an electric drill with a small grinder wheel attachment that will fit inside the hole ( most hardware stores should have them ) and grind out the hole using a circular motion so as to make it even. Check your progress often as you don't want to make the hole to large. It should be just large enough to except the jack post. Clean it up with a file and slap some paint on it if you like and your done :cool: .