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I bought an Atwood power jack online, and it won;t go on my Coachmen travel trailer. It goes thru the top hole in the A-frame tongue, but the hole in the lower support is too small. Anyone know of a tool or way I can make the hole larger or do Ihave to have the support cutoff and a new one put on?

Gary B

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Tongue Jack

Hi bennybinga, there are a couple of things you can do, hardest is to use a half round hand file and file the hole larger, then theres the small grind stomes that can be chucked up in a 1/4" drill or a die grinder, or you can take it to a machine shop and they could enlarge it with a plasma cutter or a gas cutting torch, good luck. :) :approve:


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Hi bennybinga, sounds like you got the incorrect unit for your application! :( I had the same problem when I ordered one for my prevous Terry 30g trailer last summer, I called the tech support line for the store I purchased it from and they had me measure my original units thickness and sent me one that was correct per my application. It bolted in no problem and worked great. Then I sold the trailer! :)