Too Funny Not To Share!

Too Funny Not To Share!

I understand, lol. I just don't think people realize how fragile RV's really are. I mean a house can pretty much take any kind of abuse, short of being burnt down, and you can repair it eventually, over and over. But, an RV if handled by an inexperienced person can be trashed in just one or two weeks. If you don't know how to empty the tanks, check the gas, hook-up the water lines, etc. you can really do some expensive damage. Anyway, just thought this pic was so funny, I had to put it up for everyone. :)

C Nash

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Too Funny Not To Share!

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Just hope he dont get the electrical and plumbing mixed up :eek: Might be the "shock" that gets him "moving" :laugh: :laugh:
Thanks for giving us a laugh Snowbird :)