Top qualify TT or Fifth wheel


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My wife and I have been looking for RV TT and Fifth Wheels for about five years now. It is just the two of us. We have a 2007 Toyota Tundra 5.7 l engine with towing package (tow 10,400 lbs) and 6’ 5”’ bed, We already have a tt hitch that came from the factory. We can add a fifth wheel hitch...

We would like a good quality RV. We have heard of Northwood which makes the Arctic fox and Nash products. We are looking to buy a 20’ to 26’ RV. Can anyone give us the top 5 manufactures of quality RV.? Which manufactures to stay away from? What hitch? What break controller? And any other suggestions or feedback would be great.

My wife grew up in the city and I grew up on the farm, I have pulled many cattle trailers in by life. I know enough on the how to hook up and backup into a camp site.

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Re: Top qualify TT or Fifth wheel

you really don't have to post this to all the areas on this site, please.