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My wife and I have been looking for RV TT and Fifth Wheels for about five years now. It is just the two of us. We have a 2007 Toyota Tundra 5.7 l engine with towing package (tow 10,400 lbs) and 6’ 5”’ bed, We already have a tt hitch that came from the factory. We can add a fifth wheel hitch...

We would like a good quality RV. We have heard of Northwood which makes the Arctic fox and Nash products. We are looking to buy a 20’ to 26’ RV. Can anyone give us the top 5 manufactures of quality RV.? Which manufactures to stay away from? What hitch? What break controller? And any other suggestions or feedback would be great.

My wife grew up in the city and I grew up on the farm, I have pulled many cattle trailers in by life. I know enough on the how to hook up and backup into a camp site.

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Re: Top quality TT or Fifth Wheel

First of all, the RVs that you are considering have an excellent reputation, probably one of the very best. Before you shop too far you might be wise to learn a little about how to rate an RV and to determing it's quality and condition. Probably the very best place to start that process would be to join the RV Consumer Group. You can find them at


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Re: Top quality TT or Fifth Wheel

That is very good to hear being that we are ordering a 2008 Toyota Tundra, 4 door, 4x4, fully loaded and a Northwood, Arctic Fox 26X TT. The Tundra will be ready in 5 weeks and the Arctic Fox in 8 weeks. Either way it is nice to know that we made a the right choice.

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Re: Top quality TT or Fifth Wheel

Hey keepitreel, welcome to the forum. Sounds like you got the right size TT for your truck.

Hey ce2je12, joining the RV Consumer Group is good advice. If I ever buy a new RV, I plan on joining the organization to check out their take on RVs. My take on good RV's follows:

Sunny Brook
Arctic Fox/Nash
Gulf Stream
Travel Supreme

Alpenlite and Arctic Fox/Nash make good RV's, but are not heard of as much East of the Mississippi as are the other ones I listed. They are/were primarily manufactured in the Northwest.


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Re: Top quality TT or Fifth Wheel

When viewing the various models, please take the time to lay on the beds, sit on the potty, fake a shower, fake preparing a meal - this will help you determine if the floor plan works for you. You will find the 'rear' kitchen models have more counter space (you can have a coffee maker on your counter and still prepare a meal).

Not knowing your camping style/frequency, or your travel plans I cannot offer any suggestions. From all I've read/heard, a 5th wheel tows better than a travel trailer. You can view most of the floorplans online and compare features and save yourself some time/money before viewing those of interest.

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Re: Top quality TT or Fifth Wheel

This forum told me of the RV consumer group. wow, I had fun for months. It gives you the power of knowledge that only seaned RV salemen have.
It was fun to walk into a dealership and know more than they 2 cents