Torn Canopy Help

Left my canopy down in the wind on my last trip and ended up with about an 18 inch tear. Tear is located on the camper side (as opposed to the roll-out end if that makes sense) where the canopy attaches to the camper and runs about 18 inches from the edge inward along the attach point of the camper. Budget-wise it doesn't make sense to invest in a replacement unit so i'm looking at options to fix. The idea i had follows. It looks like there's a metal rod that holds the canopy in a channel that's attached to the camper and runs the width of the canopy. My thought was that if i could get that rod out of the channel, slice the canopy the rest of the way across for a straight edge, then insert an inch of the canopy in the channel, followed by the rod i'd be all set. Sounds simple enough but have no clue how feasible it is.
Re: Torn Canopy Help

You can get a replacement fabric from Carefree of Colorado for aroung $200 and a tech can install it in an hour or less with a little help of a guide person ( you can help ) to guide the fabric into the slots while he pulls. There is also a vinyl repair tape which you install on both sides of the awnig which should hold it until you can save up the money to replace the fabric.