Tornado engine booster......


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Tornado engine booster......

Snake oil! Save your money.

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Tornado engine booster......

Hello! :) I agree with CNash and bsmith3307. Its just a ploy to get your money into their pocket. While it MAY help, I do not believe that it would make that much difference. JMHO

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Tornado engine booster......


The secret to miraculous power and fuel economy has been hawked ever since autos became common. I have the secret, oil companies have the secret, auto makers have the secret, etc. It is mostly ALL HYPE. An internal combustion engine is an AIR PUMP. ANYTHING that reduces air flow will reduce power and efficiency.

I read the pitch on the website and it is truly SNAKE OIL. What this device will do is take your money and reduce the performance of the vehicle on which it is installed.

If you want better performance and efficiency modify your engine in ways the IMPROVE air flow such as high efficiency air filters and high performance exhaust systems.