tote-along tanks


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we are parking our nomad 259LT in a campground for 4 months. we will have power and water, but no sewer hook up. we are thinking of using a tote-along tank for our gray, and black water. we have a dump station about 300 feet from our trailer. so it's not a big deal to haul the tote-along to the dump site. i just don't want to have to keep moving the trailer to dump. any opinions on the tote-along tanks?

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tote-along tanks

Hi Von, they are ideal for what you want to do, I wouldn't want the hassel of moving the trailer all the time either, we have one and used it alot. Welcome to the forum & happy camping. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve:


tote-along tanks

If you frequent places that don't have sewage they are a must. Your right about having to move the rig every few days just to dump. I have the 32 gallon one. I carry it up under the camper on staps so I can get it down when I need it. I also made up a harness to pull it to the dump with my bicycle. It's heavy and I wouldn't want to pull it to far but it works great for shorter distances. They aren't cheap by any means but it beats movein the camper.

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