Touring in an RV


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Our family of 5 are thinking traveling around the USA in an Rv.We were planing on picking one up when we arrived from NZ and then touring around,picking up work here and there while homeschooling our three kids at the same time.
We were just after some tips etc that maybe helpfull or pointed in the right direction to some relevant web sites that could help us out.
we'll have a good look at these forums and ask a few more questions as we go.
Thanks in advance,
The Hansens. :)


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Re: Touring in an RV

First, welcome to the USA! Next, your plan may well work but to obtain paid work in the US as a citizen of another country, you will need to first have a work permit. I suggest that you start by contacting the local US Consulate office to see what that will require. The other thing is, what type of work would you be looking for, and how long would you plan to stay at each stop? Probably the best place to start your study of what may be needed is to visit the Escapees RV Club which you can find at