Tourmaster Electrical Problem

I have a 1993 Tourmaster - Model 8391 - with a perplexing problem. There are 3 ceiling lights fed by a 20 amp fuse in the fuse bay. 1 lite is in ceiling by the stove. 1 lite is above the sink in bathroom, and 1 lite is in the bedroom ceiling. Each is the sunstream 12 volt florescent. The bedroom lite was totally bad so I disconnected it and ordered a new lite. In mean time - replaced the 20 amp fuse (which was blowing). Now - once replaced the fuse again I turned lites on and they work fine. Current draw was found to be just above 2 amps. However, the next time I turned the lites on - the fuse had blown once again.

Does anyone out there know if there are any other appliances or lites that may be running off this circuit (fuse block says "Ceiling Lites"). And - when fuse is blown - nothing else is NOT working.

Seems a little odd to me that there is a 20 amp fuse set up for just 3 lites that draw just over 1 amp each..

Have been fussing over this one for 2 months now. Thoughts and suggestions would help --- especially if anyone else out there is familiar with this model Tourmaster.



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Tourmaster Electrical Problem

Are you sure that the origional fuse was actually 20A? If you bought the RV used it may be that some previous owner had that problem and solved it by putting in a larger fuse. I have never seen a 20A fuse in a lighting circuit. My motorhome has more lights than that in the light circuit and it has a 10A fuse. It sounds to me as though there is a wire somewhere that is worn. Usually the lights are wired with the wires going from the fuse to the first light, then the second and so on. If so, you can probably go to the firest light and at that point disconnect all of the lights except the first one. Be sure to tape off any bare wires just for safety and then test to see if the light works, and the fuse holds. If so, reconnect the lights and go to the next light and do the same thing. When the fuse blows again, you will have found where the problem wire is. Or it could even be the light fixture itself. If a wire it will probably be easier to run a new wire than to find and repair the problem.
Tourmaster Electrical Problem

Yup! Talked to Gulfstream engineering and they said it was supposed to be a 20 amp fuse. For some odd reason it just runs those 3 lights and that's it. Replaced the old light with a new one and tightened up the post on the fuse block - but then it was tight and not corroded.

The system is now working without blowing the fuses.

Now on to other problems that are awaiting my magical touch - Whew!

Thanks for the input. Bill