tow bar questions


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Having made our maiden trip with our new Jayco 31 foot C class, towing an 01 Camry with a tow dolly, we opted to purchase an 05 RAV4, (5 speed) using a tow bar. Question is, where's the best place to get one, and how difficult are they to install yourself? Any suggestions are appreciated. (We did check with the local RV sales, but found them to be pretty expensive)


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tow bar questions

Some good deals on used tow bars on ebay and other sites. Installing the tow bar is no problem. Any problems will be with the installation of the base plates on the toad. :laugh:


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tow bar questions

I just purchased a Falcon 2 tow bar on the web via ebay for 399, which was a good 150 less than I could find it anywhere else. It came with free shipping, and because it was from out of state, no sales tax either. Being the nice guy that I am, I took a quick look and the same place is still running the same ad. Ck out Item number: 4544905545 on ebay. It was shipped quickly with no problems whatsoever.

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tow bar questions

roadmaster makes an inexpensive tow bar thats simple to use, it folds
up for easy storage and can be bought for under 200.00 bucks new


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tow bar questions

I just joined this forum and saw this post.
Iwanted to say i bought my blue ox through e-bay and it was much cheaper
than locally as the other reply indicated.
The base plate I bought locally and not to hard to install.
The problem was in the wiring of the toad the schematics was a nightmare
I had that done.
But being to rving I did not check the plug and the toad wiring came with a 4 prong male which is backwards from normal usually it's female.
The MH has a 6 prong so I had to have a special pig tail made
I hope this was of help.